Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture was given to my husband by a man working for him with fourth stage cancer. When I heard what it was about, I thought how depressing. This book is everything, but depressing. The Last Lecture is about living life fully, appreciating all of our daily gifts. The author Randy Pausch is the most optimistic person I have ever had the privilege to read about. The true last lecture that Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Melon professor, delivers is called "Achieving Your Childhood Dreams." This lecture has been all over the internet, but this beautifully written book is the story behind the writing of the actual last lecture. I literally bought 20 copies after I finished it and have handed them out to so many different people. It touches you in ways you cannot imagine. This is a book everyone should own and reread a hundred times.

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